Purity Matters

We believe the honey you love and consume every day should be wholesome and trustworthy. This is why we are committed to advancing stronger testing solutions to ensure the honey consumed every day is pure and authentic.

Traceability is Key

We are working closely within the industry to preserve the purity of our product and its ability to be traced back to its original location. We are educating both regulators and law enforcement agencies about these important topics.

What Testing Methods are Used to Detect Honey Adulteration?

Ensuring honey authenticity is one of the great challenges facing the honey industry today. Over the past half-century, a number of honey testing methods have been developed to detect food fraud. Here is a link to frequently asked questions about the strengths of each testing method.

What Bee Health Means to Your Health

We are also committed to supporting scientific research examining the nutritional benefits of honey to raise awareness of its lesser-known properties. This is why we are investing $1 million in scientific nutrition research over the next 5 years to explore the health benefits associated with honey. Areas of focus include antioxidant compounds in honey, honey's potential role in digestive health, honey in healthy eating patterns, and honey's potential in promoting stress management and mindfulness.

The Steps We're Taking

Support testing methodologies to ensure purity in honey

Conduct research to explore the nutritional benefits of honey

Support a non-GMO designation for honey

Partner with industry task force on numerous purity initiatives including random sample testing