A Sweet Start to National Bakery Day

Apricot Cinnamon Bread 2

The National Honey Board (NHB) is heading to its local retail bakery this morning and picking up a loaf of honey brioche and a box of honey croissants. Why? We love a good holiday and today marks National Bakery Day in the United States!

This annual holiday celebrates retail bakeries and the artisan bread bakers, pastry chefs and front-of-house-staff that work tirelessly to bring us all sorts of sweet, savory and downright delicious bakery foods. 

The NHB has celebrated and worked with retails bakers for more than 10 years as part of our ingredient marketing program. Under this program, we work closely with bakers to educate them about honey, honey bees and the importance of using this all-natural sweetener in baked goods. One of our largest programs for retail bakers attracts 25 of the best bakers in the country to Providence, Rhode Island for a two-day intensive educational and hands-on baking seminar. 

As a high-quality, all-natural ingredient, jars, buckets and even drums of honey can be found in almost every retail bakery you visit. Bakers use honey for its flavor, sweetness, functionality and ability to generate consumer interest. Really, who could resist ordering a slice of honey cake if it’s on the menu?

Retail bakeries also use honey for its versatility. In whole-grain breads, honey adds a touch of sweetness and balances out the bitter flavor notes of whole grains. In pastries, honey sweetens doughs, garnishes croissants, and even ices donuts. In all bakery foods, honey helps inhibit mold growth and keeps bakery foods fresher longer.

It’s quite appropriate that National Bakery Day falls at the end of National Honey Month. What better way to celebrate than by visiting your favorite retail bakery and purchasing a delicious bakery item. Just make sure it’s made with honey!