Bakeries Celebrate National Honey Month

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It's National Honey Month and what better way to celebrate than to kick off your morning with made-with-honey bakery foods! We've made it easy this September by partnering with bakeries across the country to celebrate made with honey bakery foods and the importance of honey bees. 

Each participating bakery is featuring special made-with-honey products in September as well as setting up a sticky station in their bakery. These sticky stations give customers the opportunity to top their bakery foods or beverages with three varietals of honey, each with a unique flavor and color. 

Amongst those partnerships is Born & Bread Bakehouse in Lakeland, Florida, and Floriole Café and Bakery in Chicago, Illinois. Both bakeries love honey and honey bees, and sat down with us to talk about their favorite varietal and made-with-honey bakery foods. 

Jennifer Smurr, Born & Bread Bakehouse

It's early Saturday morning and there's a long queue in Central Florida. Kids, millennials, 40-somethings and baby boomers all wait

patiently. However, they're not waiting for the gates to swing open at Disney World. They're waiting for the doors to open at Born & Bread Bakehouse.  They're waiting

for cruffins, croissants, artisan breads, pastries and other assorted sweet goods. They're waiting to catch a glimpse of Jennifer Smurr and her team crafting excellence. 

A Lakelander, lover of all things food and owner of Born & Bread Bakehouse, Jenn Smurr bakes honest breads, uses the word quality with emotion and believes in community, because bread is better broken together. Since starting her bakery at the end of 2015, Born and Bread Bakehouse has established a reputation for quality and excellent in breads and pastries. On Saturday mornings, you will find kids, millennials, 40-somethings and baby boomers all waiting patiently for an assortment of sweet goods, such as her Milk + Honey Cruffins.

"One of our customer favorites is the Milk & Honey Cruffin, which is filled with a vanilla bean cream and drizzled with our house made honey syrup that is infused with lemon and cardamom," Smurr says. "There is something unexplainably nostalgic in this flavor combo. The honey balances the sweetness of the pastry cream."

Visit Born & Bread Bakehouse in Lakeland or online

Sandra Holl, Floriole Café and Bakery 

In 2005, Sandra and her husband Mathieu moved to Chicago and started Floriole as a stand in Chicago's Green City Market. Five years later, they opened Floriole Café & Bakery in Lincoln Park. The popular bakery and café is known for quality and exceptional made-with-honey bakery foods. One of her favorites?

"We are using orange blossom honey in a pepita sesame honey bar that we make at the bakery," Holl says. "We spice the bar with a little cardamom and a splash of orange flower water to complement the honey. In this product, the honey pairs perfectly with the other ingredients and reinforces the floral and orange notes from the cardamom and orange flower water."

In addition to using honey in her bakery, Sandra also keeps bees on the rooftop garden of her café and bakery. Sandra's urban-living bees love foraging close-to-home at her garden and on the diverse nectar sources from trees, gardens and flowers in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. 

Visit Floriole Café & Bakery in Chicago or online

Celebrate National Honey Month around the country!
In addition to Born & Bread Bakehouse and Floriole Café & Bakery, make sure to visit one of these partnering bakeries for sweet treats and baked goods made with honey.