Capturing Honey’s Natural Sweetness in Nashville

Posted by National Honey Board on July 21, 2016

Honey still life RGB 170626 071651

Last week the National Honey Board (NHB) was back in Nashville for a sweet photo shoot with the very talented Mark Boughton and his great team. In a continued effort to put forth the best honey-inspired recipes for consumers interested in cooking with honey, the NHB has been partnering with Mark Boughton Photography for a number of years on creating beautiful recipe images that capture the pure inspiration that is all-natural honey.

Honey has a way of truly enhancing even the simplest of dishes with its natural benefits. Whether you're looking for a little help locking in moisture for succulent grilled meats, balancing out sour, tart or spicy ingredients in a recipe, or simply adding sweetness and beautiful color, this single ingredient spans your entire menu.

While it's fun to take pictures of honey and the delicious eats and drinks it inspires, it's even more enjoyable to create and test new recipes! Through our work with Mark and his great team, we met food stylist Whitney Kemp who has been instrumental in our effort to bring consumers only the best honey recipes. We have been working closely with Whitney in recent months to refine our current recipe database, as well as develop some tasty new honey dishes. While in Nashville we got to test seven of Whitney's newest additions and are so excited to bring them to you!

We always enjoy getting out of the office every so often and getting back to what it is that we truly love about honey – its pure, all-natural and humble roots – and Mark just has a way of capturing it on film for all to see. We want to thank Mark, Whitney and the entire team for another great session and we can't wait to see the final product.

Until then, be sure to check out our seven new honey-inspired recipes, sure to be family favorites in no time!