Fall Produce Shines with Honey

Posted by National Honey Board on October 17, 2017

Apple Maple Oatmeal Cups

What’s not to love about the fall season? This season is known for its chilly, but not yet cold, weather (allowing us to wear some of our favorite fashions – scarves, anyone?), beautiful colors (who doesn’t love when the leaves hit that perfect gold and red stage), crisp scents and perhaps most notably, its bold flavors. From pumpkin and apple to the spice of cinnamon, there are just so many fall flavors to love, and honey makes them shine even brighter.

Whether it’s adding an extra touch of sweetness to your favorite apple pie, extending the shelf life of your famous pumpkin loaf (hopefully with cream cheese in the middle), or balancing out your most complex cocktail recipe, honey’s versatility in the kitchen makes it the fall staple you never knew you had.

In case you haven’t yet embraced the fall season (we may or may not have been wearing our favorite scarves since August), we’ve got ten recipes that not only highlight some of the season’s best produce (in this case, apples, pears and squash) but also highlight honey’s benefits and versatility. These recipes are sure to keep your hearts warm and your bellies full.

So, what about you? What is your favorite thing about fall? Is it the weather? The fashion? Or all the delicious honey recipes that you look forward to? Let us know in the comments below.