Gather the Family around the Dinner Table with These 12 Honey recipes!

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As another summer draws to a close, it’s hard to believe that the days of poolside lounging and ice-cream eating are coming to an end, but as we move into the busy school season, it’s important to treasure the time we get to spend with our loved ones. 

Between going to school, going to work, doing homework, and running to various after-school activities, everyone is running at their own pace and in their own direction. It’s seasons like these that remind us of the value of spending quality time together as a family, whether it is the one you’ve made or the one you have chosen, and nothing brings the family together quite like a good meal, and honey is here to help!

More than just a natural sweetener and delicious topping for dessert, honey also shines in savory applications with functional benefits that are sure to make it your favorite kitchen sidekick. From playing the role of emulsifier, working to bring ingredients together in marinades, sauces and dips, locking in moisture to ensure tender juicy meats, and even taming and bringing balance to sweet & spicy and other ingredients, honey is the single-ingredient culinary marvel that will take your dinner to the next level.

Whether your family gathers around the dinner table every night or one night a week, these 12 honey-inspired recipes are sure to be a hit with everyone present!