Hive to Table Quiz: How Well Do You Know Honey?

Honey Flavors Tall

This Fall we debuted our Hive to Table virtual reality (VR) video experience which illustrates the natural process of honey production and what that process looks like from a bee’s point of view. Now, we want to test your honey knowledge to see how you rank among the hive.

Take the challenge to find out if you’re a Hive Master, Beekeeper in Training or a Bee-ginner.

HELPFUL TIP: We encourage you to watch the VR video before taking the quiz to brush up on your bee trivia. After taking the quiz and your ranking has been revealed, input your name and email to be entered for a chance to win one of four buzzworthy honey prize packs, which includes a delicious honey varietal flight, honey drizzler and cutting board!

Share the quiz and your results with friends to spark some friendly competition and a chance for you all to win before the contest ends on November 30.