Honey & Coffee - Celebrating Two Legends

Popular the world over, coffee is essential to many people’s morning routines, and with fall officially here, we are given two opportunities to celebrate and countless ways to enjoy the centuries-old beverage. National Coffee Day is September 29, with International Coffee Day following close behind on October 1, and to celebrate we are exploring coffee’s history, some coffee fun facts, and sharing 16 of our own honey and coffee recipes that are sure to keep you caffeinated.

With its roots deep in the Middle East, coffee first hit the scene as a commodity for trade and commerce in 15th-century Yemen1, quickly expanding to other parts of the region. While it took nearly another 100 years to reach the nations of Europe, the popular beverage was met with skepticism when it made its way to Venice in 1615. To placate the people, Pope Clement VIII actually gave coffee his papal approval leading to the first official coffeehouse to open in Venice around 16451. While coffee was available in the American colonies early on, it is believed that the Boston Tea Party was what pushed coffee to the prominent position it holds today with 146 billion coffee beverages consumed in America annually. Learn more about coffee’s journey around the world here.

Fun Fact: In addition to many of our favorite fruits and vegetables, honey bees also participate in the pollination of coffee plants!

We all know how delicious honey is in coffee and how honey’s unique varietals can take your morning to a whole new level (learn about honey’s benefits in coffee here), but today we want to recognize that coffee, like honey, can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. While some may think that there are three ways to enjoy coffee – hot, iced, or blended in a frappe – coffee can also be used as an ingredient in baking and even in main dishes, and today we are sharing 16 of our favorite honey and coffee recipes that go beyond just a drizzle in a mug of your favorite black beverage.

But we want to hear from you! What is your favorite honey and coffee creation? Tell us in the comments below!


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