Honey in August is Peachy Keen

Peaches n honey frozen yogurt cookie sandwiches

We’re not sure about you, but we wait all year for this season! Are we talking about summer (which is sadly drawing to an end), fall (which officially kicks off in September), maybe even back to school? Nope – we’re talking about peach season!

Although peach season kicks off in May, it really ramps up and hits its peak in July and August. In fact, August is recognized as National Peach Month, proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1982. A favorite summer treat, peaches easily lend themselves to a variety of dishes, from breakfast pastries and ice cream to salsa and delectable cobblers and pies (a personal favorite around here). In honor of the shared versatility of honey and peaches, we scoured the web for some delicious fun facts and recipes that highlight the one-of-a-kind peach!

  • Peaches originate from China, and even today China is the largest producer of the world’s peaches.
  • Christopher Columbus brought along peach trees on his second and third voyages to America.
  • Peaches are a good source of vitamins A & C.
  • There is a water tower in Gaffney, South Carolina that is in the shape of a peach.
  • There are over 2,000 varieties of peaches around the world.
  • Despite what many think, nectarines are a type of peach, not a hybrid between peaches and plums.
  • Peaches are hydrating.
  • Peaches are pollinated by honey bees!

All of these fun facts have us in the mood for some delicious recipes! The seven recipes featured below not only feature peaches, but they also showcase how versatile both honey and peaches are. From your morning coffee to appetizers and dessert, these recipes are sure to make any time of day peachy keen.

Do you have a favorite honey and peach recipe? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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