Honey Shines in a Southern Classic Dish at Music City Food + Wine


National Honey Month is always an exciting time in the National Honey Board (NHB) hive as we get to celebrate all of the great things about honey and what it can do for you every day, and we even got to take the celebration on the road!

During the sunny weekend of September 20-22nd, the NHB created a buzz at the Music City Food + Wine Festival in wonderful Nashville, Tenn. From the Friday night kickoff up through Sunday’s Gospel Brunch, festival-goers got to learn about honey’s versatility across the menu, especially in sweet and savory applications, and sample our take on a southern classic – chicken and waffles. With three applications of honey throughout the recipe (in the waffle batter, the buttermilk marinade for the chicken, and drizzled on top to the completed dish), this recipe was a proven crowd favorite, with many attendees returning for more and bringing their friends along.

In addition to popular dish, visitors were surprised to learn that there are more than 300 varietals of honey found in the U.S. alone, and were excited to try the three that we had brought along to sample – alfalfa, avocado and orange blossom – with avocado again coming out as the one most people were interested in trying.

Overall, the reception of honey at this year’s Music City Food + Wine Festival was an overwhelmingly good one, and we look forward to continuing to connect with and inspire this audience to find new and innovative ways to add a drizzle of honey to their everyday.

Interested in trying out our chicken and waffles recipe for yourself? Check out our Chive & Orange Blossom Honey Waffles & Spicy Honey Chicken and you’ll see the classic combo is growing in popularity!