Make Mom feel like the Queen Bee this Mother’s Day

Posted by National Honey Board on May 04, 2016

Honeyed blueberry breakfast blintzes

In case you lost track of time, like many of us do this time of year, Mother's Day is coming up THIS WEEKEND. We love Mother's Day because with all that our mother's do – carpool, PTA, laundry, work, cook amazing meals – and every role they play – nurse, therapist, chauffeur, Superwoman – they deserve to have their very own special day to be celebrated and showered with love.

Now if you're panicking about getting mom the perfect gift, we've got just what you need. Nothing says "I love you" quite like making something special with mom in mind, whether that's a hand-printed card, home-made jewelry or a delicious meal. We've got seven honey recipes that prove that with just a few ingredients, a little time and honey, you can make mom feel like the queen bee she is!

Thinking about treating mom to the traditional Mother's Day brunch? Why not host it at your house this year and enjoy a delicious honey breakfast on the patio? Try out these delicious recipes:

Maybe mom is into spa treatments; no problem! As a natural humectant and anti-microbial, honey is great for all kinds of homemade skincare recipes. Save some money and treat mom to an at-home spa day with any of the many great honey beauty remedies online.

    Perhaps a nice dinner is more your thing. As one of few ingredients that span the entire menu, honey can easily be incorporated into every dish on the table. From salad dressing to marinades on meats, honey's ability to balance and enhance flavors makes it an ideal addition to your menu. For a five-star meal at home, try these:

    And don't forget to toast mom at the end of the day! What better way to celebrate than with our Queen Bee Royale? You can get that recipe here.

    For everything she's done and will continue to do, we raise a toast. Here's to you, Mom!

    How does your family celebrate mom? We'd love to hear about it! Let us know in the comments below.