National Honey Board Bakes with the best in the Business at Annual Honey Baking Summit

Posted by National Honey Board on June 20, 2016

Honey Baking Summit Presentation 170626 071720

On June 6-8, the National Honey Board (NHB) hosted its sixth annual Honey Baking Summit in Providence, R.I. The event brought together 18 of the most talented bakers from across the country, and exposed them to two days of learning about honey and developing exceptional bakery foods with honey.

In addition to education and baking sessions, attendees learned about honey bees, visited an apiary and tasted more than 20 varietals of honey. The varietals of honey came from across the United States and included clover, buckwheat, bamboo, blueberry and more. In a wine tasting style, participants analyzed each honey by taste, scent and appearance. The bakers then went to the bakery to use the honey in the development of breads and pastries.

On the last day, attendees visited an apiary on a farm, where everyone suited up and got close and personal with the bees. The bakers spotted the queen bee, watched new drone bees in their cells and tasted fresh honey dripping off the frames.

The NHB is very happy about the turnout of this year's Honey Baking Summit and thanks all attendees for participating. It was an extremely successful event and we're excited to see what new made with honey products will be developed by our attendees.