National Honey Board Celebrates National Bakery Day with Local Retail Bakeries

NBD General Alyssa Stahr

For years, the National Honey Board has marked National Bakery Day in the United States by celebrating retail bakeries, artisan bread bakers, pastry chefs and front-of-house-staff that bring us our favorite sweet and savory baked goods. 

This year, it’s a baker’s dozen as we honor 13 of our retail bakery partners on Retail Bakery Day Friday, Sept. 25. For more than 10 years, retail bakeries have been an integral part of our ingredient marketing program, where we work closely to educate bakers about honey, honeybees and the importance of using honey — an all-natural sweetener — in baked goods. 

It’s an unusual year, as most of our retail baker programs have moved from hands-on, in-person events to educational webinars. But, one thing that has stayed constant is that jars, buckets and even drums of honey can be found in almost every retail bakery you visit. Honey is used in baked goods for flavor, sweetness, functionality, versatility and the ability to generate consumer interest with eye-catching marketing opportunities.

It’s quite appropriate that National Bakery Day falls at the end of National Honey Month. What better way to celebrate than by visiting one of our 13 retail bakery partners and purchasing a delicious bakery item. Just make sure it’s made with honey! 

Back in the Day Bakery — Savannah, Georgia
Baker Miller — Chicago, Illinois
Born and Bread Bakehouse — Lakeland, Florida
Buttermilk Boutique — Clayton, North Carolina
Floriole Cafe & Bakery — Chicago, Illinois
Good Cakes and Bakes — Detroit, Michigan
Gracious Bakery — New Orleans, Louisiana
Lit Coffee Roastery & Bakeshop — Bethlehem, Penn
Little Tart Bakeshop — Atlanta, Georgia
Macrina Bakery — South Kent, Washington 
Nathaniel Reid Bakery — Kirkwood, Missouri
The Gingered Peach — Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Uptowne Cafe and Bakery — Caledonia La Crosse, Wisconsin
What is your bakery doing to celebrate National Bakery Day 2020? Visit the Retail Bakers of America site to show and tell.