NHB Supports Women Chefs & Restauranteurs

Posted by National Honey Board on April 29, 2016

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The National Honey Board (NHB) recently had the privilege of participating in the Women Chefs and Restaurateurs' (WCR) conference as a returning sponsor. Held this year in Los Angeles, the annual conference strives to advance women in the culinary industry and ignite their vision and drive through a series of events over two days.

The NHB had the pleasure of hosting a mixology workshop as well as presenting the second annual Laurey Masterton Golden Amulet Award. In addition, honey was well represented across event menus – starting with the opening night reception at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica, where renowned LA-based Chef Suzanne Tracht (The Jar) dished up a mouth-watering Roasted Leg of Lamb, Honey Persian Mint and Sweet Onion Salad alongside her staff.

Acclaimed mixologist, Charlotte Voisey, led the NHB-sponsored mixology session at the New School of Cooking in Culver City. Charlotte's own interest in honey was heightened at our 2014 Honey Beverage Summit in Seattle. Aptly named "Mother Nature to Mixing Glass: The Buzz about Cocktails", this WCR learning session stressed the importance of using all-natural, quality ingredients including honey. Utilizing both alfalfa and clover honey, Charlotte demonstrated three cocktails to a packed classroom and emphasized the value of each element of a beverage. Special thanks to Charlotte for enlightening WCR attendees on the different honey varietals and how their unique flavor profiles and other characteristics can elevate a drink.

At the conference's closing "Women Who Inspire Awards" gala on the Paramount Studios backlot, NHB presented the second annual Golden Amulet Award, honoring a woman entrepreneur/trailblazer  -- along with a $1,500 check.  NHB created the award with WCR in 2014 to honor the memory of Laurey Masterton, a chef/beekeeper who had been both a beloved WCR member and esteemed NHB spokersperson. 

WCR had several notable nominees from all over North America who emblazoned the spirit of this inspirational chef:

We were delighted to announce Sal Howell as the winner and even more overwhelmed by her generous decision to "pay it forward" by donating and matching the $1,500 cash prize to benefit upcoming women chefs through the WCR scholarship fund.  What a truly inspirational woman!  We are proud to continue our support of this wonderful organization representing women in the foodservice industry.