Raise a Glass to National Honey Month with Two Goose Island Honey Beers

Dark Beer

What better way to bring the 2018 National Honey Month to a close than with an ice-cold beer. Even better, an ice-cold honey beer. Goose Island Brewery and their Fulton Street taproom helped us do just that by tapping two new honey beers to celebrate National Honey Month. 

The two beers each used a monofloral honey variety, chosen by the brewery to impart complex flavors to the finished beer. We sent the brewery six kinds of honey to choose from, and the winners were watermelon honey and radish honey!

These two rare varietals are coveted by honey lovers who understand the unique flavor profiles of each. Watermelon honey has an intense fruit flavor with hints of watermelon. It explodes in your mouth, similar to a watermelon Jolly Rancher. Radish honey has a taste that runs counter to its name. Instead of bitterness, radish honey delivers intense sweetness similar to candy corn. 

The brewers at Goose Island chose these kinds of honey to complement the beer recipes they developed, each unique and delicious. 

  • Honey Brown: This brown ale accentuates the unique characteristics of the honey and malts used in the recipe. The beer carries flavors of caramel and brown sugar with a floral nose and an extremely refreshing finish.
  • Honey Chamomile Lager: Brewed as a repeat favorite offering, this light-colored lager hits all the notes for fans of Northern German pilsner, but with the fairly obvious, well-integrated, floral honey character and touch of Chamomile.


Goose Island Honey Brown

These two beers are not Goose Island's first foray into brewing with honey, and in fact, the brewer has used honey in many of its taproom beers and national offerings. The company's popular and coveted Gillian is a limited-release Belgian-style farmhouse ale that marries white pepper, strawberry, and honey into a harmonious blend. The beer is aged in wine barrels, giving it a slightly tart and pleasantly sweet finish. 

If you're in the Chicago area, make sure to visit Goose Island's Fulton Street taproom and try these excellent honey beers while they last!