Sweeten National Candy Month with These Made-with-Honey Confections

Godiva Alyssa Stahr

Photo Credit: Godiva

Almost everyone has a sweet tooth, and thanks to the National Confectioners Association (NCA), we now have an entire month to celebrate all the chocolate, candy, gum and mints our hearts desire. And, thanks to honey — we can do it with a little less guilt while trying to keep our summer bodies in shape.


Like honey, candy has a long history. The NCA says that candy has been produced in the United States for over 100 years, and the industry now amounts to about $37 billion dollars. That’s a lot of chocolate! It’s expected to grow around 2.4% by 2024, and there are many reasons that honey fits right into the category. Consumers, Confectionary News reports, are looking for certain attributes in their confections: All of which these new made-with-honey products fit into perfectly.  

Better ingredient information.
What’s the calorie count? Is it organic or gluten-free? Ritual’s Honeycomb Toffee dark chocolate bar has a clean label with clear ingredient listings: wildflower honey, honeycomb toffee, and organic cacao. The 75% chocolate bar’s description contains information about ingredient sourcing, sure to delight consumers celebrating National Candy Month.

Photo Credit: Ritual
Photo Credit: CocoaBee

Social responsibility and transparency. 62% of consumers said, “the way a brand behaves will have an impact on their purchases,” and they also want to be able to source chocolate and other ingredients back to their origins. CocoaBee’s new Dark Chocolate Whole Almonds bar is sweetened with honey in an 85-gram bar. The bar is clearly labeled as Fair Trade Certified, and it’s made with 73% cocoa.

Sustainability. Does the product harm the planet? What about packaging waste? Companies that are able to answer these questions are faring much better in the confectionary world. Godiva’s Belgian Truffles are part of the “Our Latest Innovations” lineup, and there are two made-with-honey truffles that are perfect for mixing and matching assorted chocolate gifts either for yourself or a loved one. The Truffe Mousse Vanilla Miel pieces are made with wildflower honey, infused ganache, light vanilla mousse, and dark chocolate. Truffe Amande au Miel is almond pralines with honey and almond pieces, encased in a milk chocolate shell and rolled in caramelized roasted almond pieces. For more information on Godiva’s sustainability efforts, visit godiva.com/godiva-cares.

Photo Credit: Godiva

We always want to hear from you! Which of these made-with-honey confections are you celebrating National Candy Month with? Do you have another favorite honey candy? Tell us in the comments below!