There’s Always Room for these 12 Honey-Inspired Desserts!

There is so much to love about summer, and around here, the food is at the top of our list. Whether it’s tropical flavors or cold treats that help beat the heat, there are few sweeter ways to enjoy summer than with a delicious dessert, and honey truly makes them shine.

As an all-natural ingredient, honey is essential in every kitchen pantry, but it can also be your secret weapon to a sweet summer. A true culinary marvel, honey works to bring balance and incredible flavor to your favorite summer sips and eats. From sweetening lemonades and teas and serving as a topping for ice cream and grilled fruit to balancing fresh dips and marinating grilled meats, adding honey to your summer menu is a golden idea. 

This week we are pulling together our favorite dessert recipes that showcase honey’s versatility and represent everything we love about the sunny season. Check out our favorite summer-inspired honey dessert recipes below and you'll see why there's no substitute for delicious, all-natural honey.

How do you beat the heat with honey? Let us know in the comments below!