Win Game Day with Honey!

Honey Sriracha Grilled Wings 1

The time has come for another Super Bowl, the game that decides the National Football League’s Champion team. This year will see an epic faceoff between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. It could be argued that these are two very American teams, with the history attached to both Boston and Philadelphia in the shaping of our great country. When you put it like that, it makes for a rather interesting concept.

While it is said that baseball is “America’s Sport,” it is one that seems to have spread around the world, but American football really is a game that we can call our own, and with that comes the celebration of American culture. Now whether or not you will be watching the game and rooting for either team, there is no denying that one of the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday is definitely the food. How many of you attend Super Bowl parties just for the snacks? We may have been guilty of this a time or two, but alas, the food is delicious.

Now how can we speak about food without sharing some of our favorite game day recipes? Believe it or not, honey can really take it to the house when it comes to entertaining. In addition to being a delicious sweetener, honey is also an ideal emulsifier and flavor balancer in marinades, dips and sips. From sweet and spicy wings to savory burgers, honey takes your favorite eats to the next level.

Below are 16 of our favorite honey-inspired recipes that are sure to win with your guests this Super Bowl weekend.

And don’t forget beverages to wash them all down with. For the beer lovers in the house, be sure to check out our simple and delicious Honey Shandy, and for the little ones (and non-consuming adults) we’ve got our tasty Grilled Citrus Honey Lemonade.

No matter which team loses, your taste buds are sure to win!

What new recipe are you excited to try out this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.