Bacon, Eggs and Honey Lattes: New Survey Showcases How Americans Enjoy Breakfast

Chef Jessica Koslow of renowned breakfast restaurant Sqirl brings survey data to life with honey-inspired twists on breakfast favorites in time for National Honey Month

LONGMONT, Colo. (September 4, 2018) - Whether it's the slurp of a honey banana smoothie or the crackle of fresh bacon, breakfast is what gets many of us out of bed in the morning. A new survey conducted by the National Honey Board highlights how the U.S. does breakfast, just in time for both National Honey Month and Better Breakfast Month in September.1

Of the 92 percent of Americans who enjoy breakfast at least once a week, 69 percent choose eggs as their favorite breakfast food while 46 percent of respondents choose either bacon or sausage. U.S. breakfast lovers are also enjoying their morning meal overwhelmingly at home, though 18 percent of respondents are munching either in the car or at their desk. Additionally, 36 percent of Americans are more likely to reach for oatmeal, granola or cereal as a breakfast option if flavored with honey. Though it isn't surprising that Americans prefer hearty breakfasts at home, there are a few interesting twists in the survey data: 

  • Americans in the Northeast are twice as likely to love bagels. According to survey data, those in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston are much more likely to indicate bagels as a breakfast favorite (39-43 percent) compared to Southern cities such as Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas (13-19 percent).     
  • Those that consider themselves environmentally-friendly are more inclined to favor toast and fruit for breakfast as well as hot tea with honey. According to the survey, 47 percent of environmentally-friendly individuals choose fruit, 40 percent choose toast, and 48 percent choose tea with honey. 
  • About half of Americans who eat breakfast prefer one that includes a sweet element. Gen Z is the most likely to enjoy a sweet breakfast, with 60 percent reaching for something with a sweet element versus 47 percent overall. 
  • The city most likely to grab for granola is Seattle. The survey shows that one in four Seattleites enjoy the crunchy breakfast treat, which was higher than any other city. 
  • One in three Americans who eat breakfast would be more likely to eat healthier foods when flavored with honey.

To provide an innovative take on American breakfast favorites, the National Honey Board partnered with Chef Jessica Koslow to create five delicious, honey-inspired recipes that work for any type of breakfast connoisseur. Jessica's Coconut Porridge with Curried Honey provides a mix of flavors for adventurous breakfast lovers while her Bacon Avocado Breakfast Sandwich elevates the morning classic. For the 42 percent of Americans who love their fruit, Jessica has created a Honey Poached Apples served with honey-infused yogurt. Cereal lovers can get their crunch on with Jessica's DIY Honey Nut Puffed Cereal recipe and those who find themselves on-the-go constantly will savor Jessica's Honey Breakfast Cake recipe. 

"No matter if you have five minutes or an entire morning, you can create a delicious breakfast to help fuel you through whatever your day may bring," said Jessica. "My recipes incorporate natural ingredients like honey to provide a flavorful twist on breakfast classics that can be easily created with your family-just in time for National Honey Month and Better Breakfast Month!" 

For more information about the breakfast survey or to find Jessica's recipes and tips, visit and follow #BreakfastWithHoney on Facebook and Instagram.   

About Chef Jessica Koslow  

Chef Jessica Koslow is a restaurant owner, chef and author known for her innovative take on California-inspired breakfast cuisine. Jessica was born in Long Beach, California and began her culinary career at Atlanta's Bacchanalia under the tutelage of James Beard Chef Anne Quatrano. After a short stint in New York as a television producer, Jessica moved back to Los Angeles and continued her culinary career at Village Bakery. Her next move took her to Melbourne, Australia, where she honed her baking skills at Dench Bakery.  But Jessica couldn't shake Los Angeles, so she moved back and opened Sqirl in 2011. Sqirl began as a preserves store and morphed into a world-renowned restaurant that has been featured in Bon Appétit, Food & Wine and the New York Times. Jessica's first cookbook, Everything I Want To Eat, was published in 2016 to glowing reviews. When she's not in the kitchen at Sqirl, she's enjoying the Los Angeles food scene. Jessica Koslow is a paid spokesperson for the National Honey Board.

About National Honey Board

The National Honey Board (NHB) is an industry-funded agriculture promotion group that works to educate consumers about the benefits and uses for honey and honey products through research, marketing and promotional programs. The Board's work, funded by an assessment on domestic and imported honey, is designed to increase the awareness and usage of honey by consumers, the foodservice industry and food manufacturers. The ten-member-Board, appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, represents producers (beekeepers), packers, importers and a marketing cooperative. For more information, visit


1Conducted online for the National Honey Board using GfK's KnowledgePanel®, March 21- April 11, 2018. The total sample size is 6,427 adults aged 18+ years.  

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