Discover the Role of Honey in a Med Diet Plan

Make dietary choices easier with natural, nutritious honey

The Mediterranean-style diet pattern (MSDP, or Med Diet) ranks as the best diet for maintaining healthy behaviors, so suggesting such a diet is a great way to support your clients' dietary goals. Honey fits perfectly into this diet, which focuses on fresh produce, fish and grains—all staples throughout the Mediterranean, where honey is an important sweetening ingredient.

How Honey Can Help

We've put together research, resources and recipes to show how honey can play a role in a Med Diet. Not only does it complement other flavors found in this diet, but new research also shows that it may increase your clients' chances of success in sticking with the plan.


The Buzz on the Mediterranean Diet
+ Honey Recipes

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"Honey as a helper in Mediterranean-style diets
among adult Americans"

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Now we could all probably stand to add more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to our diets, seeing as a whopping 87% of adults don’t meet the daily recommendations for vegetables, and a surprising three-quarters of people don’t meet the recommendations for fruit each day. Below we are sharing some of our tastiest tips and delicious recipes that will help you move toward a healthier lifestyle.