Chilaquiles with Poached Eggs and Ancho Chile Orange Blossom Honey

Chilaquiles with Poached Eggs and Ancho Chile Orange Blossom Honey

YIELD: Makes 4 servings


For Ancho Chile Honey:

4 cloves - garlic, peeled

1/2 tsp. - ancho chile powder

1/2 cup - orange blossom honey

For Tortillas:

8 (6 inch) - corn tortillas, quartered

vegetable oil, as needed

kosher salt, as needed

For Chilaquiles:

1 T - canola oil

1/2 - yellow onion, diced

1 lb. - ground chicken

1 1/2 T - five spice powder

1 tsp. - orange blossom honey

1 tsp. - kosher salt

1 (15 oz.) jar - salsa of choice

4 - eggs


1/4 cup - fresh cilantro, chopped

1 - jalapeno, seeded, thinly sliced (optional)

1/4 cup - queso fresco, alternative: shredded mozzarella or crumbled feta cheese

4 - radishes, thinly sliced

2 - limes, quartered


Preheat oven to 400°F.

In small pot, combine ancho, garlic, red pepper flakes and 1/2 cup honey. Bring to a light simmer, then lower heat to the lowest level possible for 1 hour, allowing the mixture to infuse.

Brush tortillas with oil and sprinkle with salt. Spread tortillas on cookie sheets or baking trays lined with parchment paper and bake for 10-15 minutes, or until crispy. Remove and let cool to room temperature.

In large skillet or frying pan, heat 1 T canola oil over medium heat until slick and shiny. Add onions and sauté until translucent, approximately 2-3 minutes.

Add ground chicken, five spice powder, 1 tsp. honey and salt. Let cook 3-4 minutes, stirring, to allow chicken to brown on edges.

Add salsa and bring to a light simmer.

Lower heat to medium-low. Add tortillas, cover, and continue to simmer until tortillas soften, approximately 15 minutes.

Fill separate skillet or frying pan halfway with water and bring to a light simmer. Crack each egg into individual ramekins, and gently pour into water one at a time (optional: use egg poaching ring). Using a slotted spoon, swirl simmering water around each egg until the whites solidify and yolks cook to your desired level of doneness. Gently remove from water with slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.

Divide chilaquiles into 4 servings and top each with 1 egg, cilantro, jalapeno slices (if using), cheese, radishes and lime.

Strain honey and drizzle on top.

Recipe courtesy of chef Jenny Dorsey, made for the National Honey Board


The spicy honey can be made in bulk and used on other dishes during the week like veggie and egg scrambles, on avocado toast, etc.

Don’t throw away the garlic used to infuse the honey! It can be used in place of anything that calls for roasted or confit garlic.

For those with sous vide machines, poached eggs can easily be replaced with eggs that are cooked in-shell, in the sous vide at 65C for 1 hour. Make a batch of eggs up to 1 week in advance for easy meal prep all week long!

As a quick and easy shortcut, you can use store-bought corn tortilla chips in place of the tortillas. Allocate 8-10 chips per serving.