Honey-Guajillo Sauce

YIELD: Yield 2.5 cups (6-8 servings)


1 ½ tablespoons Olive oil or blended oil (canola, corn or grape seed oil)
1 medium onion diced
6 cloves garlic unpeeled
16 medium dried Guajillo chilies (about 4 ounces)
1 teaspoon dried oregano
¼ teaspoon Black pepper, fresh ground black pepper fresh ground
.12 teaspoon cumin fresh ground
½ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
4 cups chicken stock
½ cup honey Wildflower
salt to taste


In a sauté pan, heat oil and add onions and garlic. Cook on medium-high heat until they start to char and take on color [about 8-10 minutes]. Break stems off the dried Guajillo chilies, tear them open and remove seeds. Toast them a few at a time on your medium-hot skillet [in a dry pan]. Open them flat, lay them on the hot surface skin-side up and press flat with a metal spatula [toasting the insides]. Then flip them and repeat. Transfer the chilies to a bowl and cover with hot water to rehydrate for 30 minutes. After, strain the chilies and discard the water. In a blender, add the chilies, cooked onions and garlic, oregano, black pepper, cumin, crushed pepper, 1 cup of the chicken stock, and honey. Process to a smooth purée, scraping and stirring every few seconds. [Note: you may add a little more broth to the blender, as needed, to keep everything moving.] With a rubber spatula or a metal spoon or ladle, work the purée through a medium mesh strainer into a bowl; then discard the skins and remaining seeds.

Heat oil in a medium-sized pot [4 quart] over medium heat. When it's hot enough to make a drop of the purée sizzle sharply, add the purée all at once. Cook, stirring constantly, as the purée sears, reduces and darkens to an attractive earthy brick red paste [8-10 minutes].

Stir in remaining 3 cups of broth, partially cover and simmer, stirring occasionally for about 30 minutes. Salt to taste.

Recipe Courtesy of Chef David Guas, Chef/Owner, Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery – Arlington, VA, Washington, DC, for the National Honey Board.