Honey Spicy Ramen with Honey Glazed Pork Belly

Honey Spicy Ramen with Honey Glazed Pork Belly

YIELD: 4 servings


Ramen Broth - Ramen Broth

2 tbsp. - Oil

1 lb. - Pork Belly, skin off

Salt, Kosher, as needed

Pepper, ground, as needed

2 lbs. - Pork Bones

2 oz. - Kombu

2 oz. - Bonito Flakes

6 qt. - Water

1 - Onion, diced

1 - Carrot, diced, peeled

1 oz. - Ginger

6 - Garlic, peeled, cloves

1 1/2 cup - Buckwheat Honey

1 1/2 cup - Soy Sauce

1 - Jalapeno

2 - Eggs, whole

Assembly - Assembly

4 qt. - Ramen Broth

2 tbsp. - Buckwheat Honey

1 lb. - Pork Belly, cooked, sliced

20 oz. - Ramen, fresh, cooked

1 bunch - Scallions, thinly sliced

2 tbsp. - Sesame Seeds

4 tbsp. - Nori, strips, toasted

1 - Egg, halved, cooked


Ramen Broth
1) In a large pot over medium high heat add oil.
2) Season the pork belly with salt and pepper and sear each side in the hot pot.
3) Remove the pork belly and add the rest of the ingredients, except for the egg, for the broth.
4) Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Cook for a minimum of 2 hours, constantly skimming the fat off the top.
5) Strain the ramen broth and return the liquid back to the heat.
6) Add the seared pork belly to the broth and cook for 1 1/2–2 hours, or until the pork belly is tender.
7) Remove the pork belly from the broth and cool slightly to slice. Reserve the broth for assembly.
8) Slice the pork belly in thin slabs, about 1/4 inch thick and reserve for assembly.
9) In a sauce pot, cook the eggs in boiling water for 7 minutes. Remove from the boiling water and chill them in ice water to stop the cooking. Peel and cut them in half. Reserve for assembly.

1) Bring the broth to a hard simmer.
2) In a sauté pan, over medium heat, add 2 tbsp. of honey. Add the pork belly to the pan and cook until the pork belly is glazed; about 2 minutes on each side.
3) Divide the ramen into 4 bowls and ladle the hot broth over the noodles. Arrange the remaining garnishes over the top of the ramen and broth.
4) Serve immediately.