2021: A Sweet Look at the Year in Honey

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No matter the buzzword or phrase — disruptive, innovative, quarantine release — product developers met them all in 2021. Through some of the most unique made-with-honey products we’ve ever seen, product developers proved their foods and beverages can connect people and satiate their ever-evolving cravings. Here are our top 5 picks for the made-with-honey products that best represented the trends of 2021.

Beeyond Bar

Speaking of taste testing, shows were back! From Sweets & Snacks Expo to Natural Products Expo East, all-natural honey was on display in a multitude of new products. One of our favorites was the Beeyond Bar. These bars use honey as its namesake ingredient and rely on the sweetener to deliver flavor and functionality as a binder to keep together the nuts, seeds and dried fruits in the bar.

Photo Credit: Beeyond Bar
Photo Credit: O'Dang

O’Dang Honey Mustard Hummus Dressing

Sauces and spreads were also big this year for honey, with a huge range of made-with-honey flavor combinations that we’ve never seen before. O’dang unveiled Honey Mustard Hummus Dressing at Natural Products Expo East, and we love the iconographic imaging on the packaging along with the balance of sweet and tangy flavors. But what made this Honey Mustard Hummus even more unique was the first ingredient: chickpeas.

LARABAR New Cereal Line

There is no doubt that flavor is still king. Functionality, clean label, transparency, sustainability, and every other aspect of consumer demand are necessary in this day and age, but if the product doesn’t taste good, what’s the point? Almost every food survey in 2021 reflected the fact that flavor and taste are No. 1 in consumers’ hearts, and we did our fair share of tasting wonderful made-with-honey products. One of the standouts was LARABAR’s cereal line released early in the year. Not only did the line convert the company’s popular bars into cereal, but each box had nine or fewer great tasting ingredients, including honey. Apple Pie, Cashew Cookie and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip; take your pick, LARABAR hit this made-with-honey cereal formula out of the park.

Photo Credit: LARABAR
Photo Credit: Brainiac

Brainiac Honey Peanut Brain Butter

Who knew that a spread could do more than just taste great? Brainiac’s Honey Peanut Brain Butter includes omega-3 DHA, omega-3 ALA and choline, which the company says deliver brain benefits. We’re also excited about the on-the-go aspect of this individually packaged squeezable pouch. Talk about fueling your brain and your body!

Obvi Meal Replacement Bars

For the last pick of the list, we traveled back in time to early summer, when Obvi did a non-obvious thing: combined honey and collagen to create a trendy bar. Food Navigator said, “Despite growing interest in all things plant-based, collagen, typically sourced from animal skin, remains a hot functional food and beverage ingredient.” Honey is included in the entire bar lineup, which features Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch, Fruity Cereal and Birthday Cupcakes.

Photo Credit: Obvi

Want more than just five made-with-honey products? Visit honey.com for more hot honey product releases from 2021.