5 Unique Honey-Sweetened Products from Winter Fancy Food Show

Honey Variety 1

The first CPG and specialty food product-based trade show of the year — the Specialty Food Association’s Winter Fancy Food Show — blew into Las Vegas with a fresh, exciting outlook for 2024. Exhibitors who used honey to sweeten products did so in innovative, new ways:

  1. As a natural sweetener. Honey adds sweetness to products as Mother Nature’s sweetener. Many consumers perceive honey as nutritious, and its inclusion in CPG products contributes to a positive image.
  2. As a flavor enhancer. With more than 300 varietals of honey in the U.S., honey’s capabilities to provide distinct and rich flavor profiles to products is endless. Plus, it can add depth and complexity to food and beverage flavor profiles.
  3. For moisture retention. In baked goods, for example, honey helps retain moisture, preventing products from becoming dry. This not only improves texture, but shelf life of products.
  4. For texture improvement. Viscosity and texture of honey can improve consistency and mouthfeel of products like sauces, dressings and spreads.
  5. For marketing appeal. The use of honey on packaging can be highlighted in both marketing and labeling to attract consumers looking for natural, whole food, clean label ingredients. And who doesn’t love a friendly honey bee?

There are quite a few Winter Fancy Food products that tick the honey-positive boxes, and here are some of our standout picks:

Vanilla Honey, DIP

Product developers are tasked with finding unique flavor combinations in the sauces and condiments category, and DIP’s Vanilla Honey is a sweet and fragrant product that combines the natural sweetness of honey with the warm, comforting flavor of vanilla. Plus, the sleek, minimalistic packaging is eye-catching.

Photo Credit: DIP
Photo Credit: Cooper Street

Oatmeal Cranberry Granola Bakes, Cooper Street

A new take on a nostalgic American favorite. Cooper Street uses all-natural ingredients in a proprietary baking process that allows the bakes to stay fresh for a longer period. With ingredients like whole grain oats, pumpkin seeds and sweetened cranberries, honey also plays the role of binding agent. The bakes are trans-fat-, dairy- and soy-free.

Peanut Powder — Honey, Peanut Butter & Co.

A touch of honey powder is infused to this mix that can double as a smoothie additive or spread. Round it out with peanut powder, natural flavor and salt, and Peanut Butter & Co. has created a unique product not yet seen on the show floor.

Photo Credit: Peanut Butter & Co.
Photo Credit: Seabear Smokehouse

Neptune Fish Jerky Sweet Citrus Ginger, Seabear Smokehouse

If 2024 is an extension of the past year, honey-sweetened jerkies are a category that will expand into a plethora of unique flavors and meats. Neptune’s Fish Jerky balances rich honey, zesty lemon and refreshing ginger for a creative twist of sweet and savory in a wild Alaska pollock blend.

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