Back to School Buzz: Educational Materials for All Learners

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Right now, students of all ages are preparing to head back into classrooms across the nation. We’re here to help you set your student up for a successful year by sending them back to school with a passion for learning and, of course, a lunchbox full of nutritious eats.

While we may be focused on making sure we have all the pencils, notebooks, and other supplies necessary to set our kids up for a successful school year, we must not forget about the importance of fueling our students through their diet so that they can succeed at school and beyond. Not sure where to start? Honey is here to help! Providing 17 grams of carbohydrates (the primary fuel the body uses) per tablespoon, honey is a great natural energy booster that will power little learners through their day. And because of its incredible taste and versatility, it’s easy to incorporate honey into your child’s diet from breakfast and lunch to after-school snacks and dinner. You’ll find our top parent-approved kid-friendly recipes here.

But so much more than just the golden liquid of their namesake, did you know that honey bees pollinate 1/3 of the foods we eat? It’s true! In fact, when bees are collecting nectar to make honey, they’re also pollinating more than 90 different agricultural crops. Many lunchtime favorites and go-to snacks are made possible by honey bees, including apples, berries, oranges, cucumbers, carrots, melons, pears and many other fruits and vegetables. They truly are awe-inspiring creatures!

Looking to ignite the fire for learning? Teach your kids more about honey bees. Not a bee expert? Neither are we, but we've got you covered! Made for kids grades 2-4, our handy activity sheets are designed to teach kids about bees, honey, and just how important they are to our planet. Covering everything from beehives and pollination to how honey is made and even bee sustainability, each sheet is available for download to print at home and features a fun activity kids and parents can do together at home or in school.

Interested in seeing life inside of a honey bee hive? Grab your headset and check out our immersive VR video Be the Bee – A Hive to Table Experience:

You and your family can also learn more about the honey industry and the craft of beekeeping around the world through our Celebrating Beekeeping video series.

We wish you and your busy bees a safe and productive school year!