Beat the Winter Chill with Honey & Tea – The Perfect Cold Weather Pair

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When many people think of honey, they think of tea; the pairing has been one that has stood the test of time and is still considered a favorite today. The romance between these two flavorful kitchen staples is one of the most delicious ways to beat the chill of the winter season.

Because honey and tea come in such a wonderful range of flavor profiles, the NHB asked Tea Sommelier Cynthia Gold to recommend some of her favorite tea and honey pairings. Here are her observations, designed to elevate your experience.

This delicate and lightly spicy honey goes particularly well with a Bai Mu Dan white tea, bringing out the tea’s brightness and clarity.

Natural complement to the subtle floral and fruit notes of a Chinese Bai Mudan White Tea; wonderful balancing effect on Oolong Teas.

This mild honey, grassy with hints of vanilla, produced a beautiful, lively finish to a slightly earthy and nutty Chinese Dragonwell Green Tea.

Pairing perfectly with an earthy Pu-Erh, this lightly floral honey also smooths, rounds and balances the astringency of Black and Oolong teas.

The honey’s bright herbal spiciness and buttery undertones deepen and round the flavors of the Chinese Dragonwell Green Tea.

A natural with Oolong teas, particularly the heavier oxidation Da Hong Pao, making the floral notes more distinct.

This dark, earthy, slightly malty honey was a natural to pair with the full-bodied Yunnan.

With the vast selection of tea varieties offered at your local grocer and the unique range of honey varietals on the market, it is easy for tea lovers to create their own favorite flavor pairings! Honey and tea have been perfect partners for centuries, and we don’t see it cooling down any time soon.