BEEBAD Never Felt So Good


BEEBAD was one of the first energy drinks of its kind to use honey as the main sweetener. Now with new Hibiscus and Low-Calorie products hitting store shelves this fall, the timing couldn’t be more perfect than to speak with Denise Willi, BEEBAD’s U.S. sales director, about honey’s pure energy, functional properties and great taste.

Why was honey originally chosen as the sweetener in BEEBAD?
We chose honey because the energy drink sector has primarily focused on refined sugar, and our goal was to find alternative functional uses. It made perfect sense to use a natural sweetener in a product within a category that has never focused on honey. We’re the first honey-fueled energy drink on the market of its kind.

Obviously, honey is a great all-natural energy source. Can you talk about what other functions and flavor combinations make honey the perfect sweetener for BEEBAD?
Yes, honey is nature’s purest and most natural fuel. Runners and athletes the world over have long prized honey — it’s fast acting and has pure energy. That makes it a perfect choice for a sweetener. The cans in our original line have 14% honey, and honey is the first ingredient following carbonated water. Honey doesn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients; it only serves to enhance them — especially ginseng and maca.

In terms of flavor, customers have said that there’s something very refreshing about BEEBAD; there’s a hint of mint and lime. The true revolution of BEEBAD has been the taste. It’s an explosion of natural flavors that consumers love.

You talked about honey’s interactivity with the other ingredients in the can. Tell us more about BEEBAD’s ingredients and what they offer consumers.
Every can has royal jelly and propolis, which has a long use as a natural treatment. Our focus is bee based. We take the best of what the bees make for the hive and infuse vitamins B6 and B12 to support the immune-boosting and energy enhancing properties in BEEBAD. Then we have 80 milligrams of caffeine, which helps with fatigue and reflexes. Ginseng has been known to strengthen the immune system; maca has been used to increase energy and performance. Maca also contains flavonoids, which have been known to help improve mood and reduce anxiety.

All of these ingredients have been carefully chosen to tie in with the honey for optimal goodness and taste. People are more aware than ever of what they are putting into their bodies. We believe BEEBAD is the perfect option at the perfect time. We’re meeting a consumer demand for natural ingredients that enhance body and mind.

Let's talk about the new releases: Hibiscus and Low Calorie.
We developed Hibiscus and Low-Calorie BEEBAD to broaden our appeal to those seeking healthier energy drink alternatives. Hibiscus — which was named one of Whole Foods’ trend flavors for 2022 — is complemented with other vibrant and exotic flavors, including guaraná, acerola, ginseng and passion fruit. Women tend not to purchase the classic energy drink, so our hope is that these flavorful, tropical ingredients will be of particular appeal to them.

With Low-Calorie, we understood that there is a market segment, especially athletes and health-conscious athletes, who want to lower their sugar intake. We reduced the honey content down to 6%, and there’s only 25 calories per can. It has all the same properties as the original BEEBAD, and I truly believe it’s one of the best tasting low-calorie products on the market.