Breaking Down the Sweet Concept of Better-For-You Baking

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There’s a comfort in bakery foods, especially amid a global pandemic. From sweet snacks to loaves of artisan bread, bakery foods have the ability to awaken consumers’ senses and emotions. Simply put, bakery foods are the ultimate comfort food.

However, there’s been a shift in the consumer relationship with bakery foods. There is also now a desire for better-for-you options. This is great news for honey fans as the ingredient’s all-natural positioning make it the ideal sweetener for bakery foods formulated for consumers seeking a better-for-you option.

The importance of the better-for-you concept was reflected in Weston Foods’ first-ever Bakeology Report, which highlighted the change in relationships between consumers and bakery foods. The Bakeology Report found:

  • About one-third of consumers said they’re more likely to buy all-natural baked goods, while 24% said they’re more likely to buy artisan-style baked goods.
  • Americans are seeking out products that include words like all-natural, high in fiber and protein, non-GMO, made sustainably and artisan-style.
  • 67% said they enjoy baked goods reminiscent of their childhood.
  • People get a strong sense of gratification when eating their favorite baked treat, with 21% of Americans feeling “joyful” and almost half feeling “happy.”

Baking Business reported that every day sweet snacks “enjoyed modest growth” in 2020, due in part to consumers looking to find a sense of normalcy. With an increasing consumer need to balance comfort and nutrition, these made-with-honey products can help drive bakery food sales.

One such all-natural product is The Loaf’s Organic & Paleo Bread. The made-with-honey bread is grain-, gluten-, soy- and dairy-free, and consumers can choose from half- or full-loaf sizes. This bread can be refrigerated or frozen.

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Photo Credit: Rudi's

Refrigerated Frozen Foods
says that Rudi’s Rocky Mountain Bakery is “poised to embark on a landmark year with new products and updated recipes in the organic portfolio,” and the company did just that with the launch of a new small batch, artisanal bread made with honey. Honey Sweet 100% Whole Wheat bread uses starter yeast and utilizes a lengthy fermentation process, according to Rudi’s, resulting in bread with soft texture and rich flavor.

Kids can get a headstart on better-for-you baking products with Beehive Jive Honey & Oat bars from This Saves Lives. Each sweetened-with-honey bar includes one serving of fruits and vegetables, and they’re nut-free, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO. The bars also have whole grain oats, brown rice flour and chicory root fiber listed as top ingredients.

Photo Credit: This Saves Lives

The better-for-you baking category is rising with innovative sweet goods, breads and snacks. To learn more about how honey is a great option as an all-natural sweetener, visit