Celebrate Beekeeping by Sharing Our Bite-Size Videos

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The art and craft of beekeeping is a true labor of love. As stewards of the bees and land they keep, U.S. beekeepers deliver Americans’ #1 preferred sweetener at its best, while having a positive impact on sustainability, pollination and the global food supply.

In 2019, the National Honey Board (NHB) launched Celebrating Beekeeping, a series of long-form videos that tell the unique stories of beekeepers across the nation. Are you a fan of our Celebrating Beekeeping video series? Well, you’re in luck! In a continued effort to recognize our beloved honey bee and the beekeepers who manage them – the NHB recently released bite-size versions of the videos that you can view and share with all of your bee-loving family, friends and colleagues.

These new short-form videos focus specifically on the pollination work of honey bees and give viewers of all ages a glimpse into the lives of real American beekeepers who are transforming their communities through managed pollination and contributing to 35 percent of the world’s food supply.

Visit the NHB’s YouTube channel to view the full series.

Looking for fun ways to share the videos? Here are a few ideas!

  • Use the NHB videos as an educational tool. The Celebrating Beekeeping videos feature multiple topics and industry professionals that make learning about honey bees and beekeeping exciting and fun!
  • Share the NHB videos on your social media accounts. Videos are great conversation starters on social media! Feel free to feature the videos on your personal social media accounts, or repost content from The National Honey Board.
  • Check out the full-length videos on YouTube. Longer videos discuss beekeeping in more detail and are perfect for sharing via email to a friend or in a newsletter to an organization you are affiliated with.

Remember, each “Like” on a Celebrating Beekeeping video is a high-five for everyone “behind the hive” in beekeeping – including bees. Watch and enjoy!