Celebrating Fall Produce and the Pollinators That Make It Possible

Honey Pumpkin

Fall is officially here, bringing with it chilly mornings, deep colors, and bold flavors. From colorful gourds to crisp apples and, of course, sweet honey, the autumn harvest is certainly one to be celebrated.

While honey bees are known for the delicious liquid gold of their namesake, honey bees also spend the majority of the year pollinating an impressive 35% of the global food supply. From apples and cherries in Washington, and blueberries in the Midwest, to pumpkins and cranberries along the east coast, honey bees pollinate crops in all 50 states, many of them taking different paths throughout the pollination season. You can learn more about journeys they take here.

Now, you’ve heard us say that honey bees pollinate an impressive one-third of our diet, but have you ever wondered which foods specifically? Honey bees pollinate a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, and spices, including familiar favorites like apples, avocados, and almonds, and less obvious items like garlic, cinnamon, cacao, and yes, even coffee! From apricots to watermelon (and every letter in between), our new infographic highlights the top 50 everyday foods that either REQUIRE or BENEFIT FROM honey bee pollination. Next time you’re shopping at your local grocery store, imagine what the produce section might look like without all of these delicious foods!

In honor of this new piece and the new season, we’re sharing some of our favorite fall recipes that feature honey-bee pollinated ingredients that remind us of what we love about the autumn harvest.

We want to hear from you! What are your favorite fall dishes? Sound off in the comments section below. And as the popular saying goes, “Happy Fall, y’all!”