Cereal Brands Focus on Honey’s All-Natural Attributes

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Is there anything better than an all-natural energy boost in the morning without the midday crash? Consumers are searching for better-for-you ingredients that provide energy and natural sweetness, and cereal product developers are answering the call with honey.

Mornings are still prime time for traditional honey-sweetened cereals like Honey Bunches of Oats, Honeycomb and Honey Nut Cheerios, but the cereal category is expanding into all-day (and even before bedtime) noshing with a few innovative ideas:

  • Portable packaging that provides busy consumers with on-the-go options that are more nutritious and less messy.
  • Fun marketing of honey that shows familiar honey imagery. Consumers see honey, and they know what sweetener they’re getting.
  • Unique flavor combinations with honey that showcase something new for taste buds.
  • Cereal for any time of day. Why restrict this delicious food to just breakfast time? Cereal marketers are taking a look at how cereal’s ingredients can provide comfort, mood-boosting qualities throughout a multitude of daily eating occasions.

These recent cereal releases are the perfect showcase of honey’s positive attributes in the cereal aisle.

Shreddies The Honey One, Nestlé

We head across the pond for inspiration via an award-winning honey cereal. Shreddies were chosen by 8,000 UK consumers who voted for the Product of the Year, and the honey cereal is made with 100% whole grains and is free from artificial colors and flavors and fortified with five vitamins and iron. Each box showcases the iconic honey dipper with a cute, consumer-friendly bee.

Photo Credit: Nestlé
Photo Credit: Avelina

Honey & Raisins Granola, Avelina

This delicious blend of honey toasted whole grains and raisins are marketed as a versatile oatmeal-based food. The unique combination of flavors and texture make this granola a favorite among breakfast lovers who want to fill a cereal bowl or pour onto yogurt to enjoy.

Honey Peanut Butter Superfood Cereal, Purely Elizabeth

Honey is one of the superfoods included in this power-packed cereal from Purely Elizabeth. An excellent source of vitamin D and fiber, each box combines crispy oat and ancient grain flakes with superfood clusters, honey, peanut butter and almonds. Nothing artificial, all whole food ingredients.

Photo Credit: Purely Elizabeth
Photo Credit: Kellogg's

Special K Oat Crunch Honey, Kellogg’s

Even a familiar breakfast brand like Kellogg’s must be innovative, and Oat Crunch Honey is a craveworthy combination of honey, toasted wheat, rice flakes and vanilla oat clusters. Special K Oat Crunch Honey is part of a breakfast expansion that targets different snacking occasions dubbed as “food moods.”

Honey Moonglow Cereal, Sweet Dreams

Honey not only provides an energy boost, but also familiar comfort. Consumers can go to bed satisfied with Sweet Dreams Honey Moonglow cereal, which not only includes honey, but is infused with vanilla, lavender and chamomile flavors. Added vitamins and minerals promote natural melatonin production, according to the company.

Photo Credit: Sweet Dreams

If you’ve formulated a honey cereal or granola and would like to promote it, email [email protected].