Cottage Cheese Named New Late Night ‘Dining Occasion’

Honey Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese mixed with honey, fruit or nut butters is a traditional snack, but according to Tastewise’s 2024 Trend Report, late night snack cravings are going to be satisfied by cottage cheese in 2024. Consumers are looking for protein, flavor, versatility and customization, and honey is one ingredient that checks all the boxes.

Consumer interest in protein-packed cottage cheese is up 300% over the last two years, and the high protein in cottage cheese combined with the carbohydrates and amino acids in honey can be appealing to consumers. In fact, 22% of cottage cheese occasions are already in the snacking space. Late night eaters are switching out ice cream and grabbing cottage cheese from the refrigerator, marking the refresh as a new “dining occasion.”

“Versatile preparation and nutritional content makes (cottage cheese) a perfect choice for late-night snacking,” Tastewise’s report says.

Manufacturers are adding honey to cottage cheese for a number of reasons:

  1. Honey adds a natural sweetness to cottage cheese, enhancing its flavor and making it more palatable, especially for those who may find plain cottage cheese bland.
  2. Cottage cheese is a good source of protein and calcium, while honey provides natural sugars, antioxidants, and small amounts of vitamins and minerals. Together, they create a nutrient-rich combination.
  3. The protein content in cottage cheese, combined with the sweetness of honey, can contribute to a sense of fullness and satiety, perfect for late night satisfaction.

Want to formulate the next delicious, craveable late-night snack? Peel open these honey cottage cheese products for inspiration:

Wildflower Honey Ricotta Cups, Rifraf

Daring to go where no dairy has gone before, this innovative take on the traditional cottage cheese snack, combines wildflower honey and ricotta in a cup that provides unexpectedly delicious flavor.

Photo Credit: Rifraf
Photo Credit: Kemps

Fruit on the Bottom Cottage Cheese, Kemps

Combine honey and pear, both consumer-friendly all-natural ingredients, and you have a cottage cheese that is nutritious and delicious. For almost 100 years, Kemps has been delighting customers with wholesome dairy products.

Pineapple with Honey Roasted Almonds, Hood Cottage Cheese Medleys

Pairing cottage cheese with delightful mix-ins, Hood has added pineapple with ready-to-mix honey roasted almonds to this delicious snack. Flip the late-night snacking world on its head with this convenient, protein-packed snack.

Photo Credit: Hood