Diamond of California Product Development Manager Dishes on Hot Honey Snack Walnuts Inspiration


Photo courtesy of Diamond of


Expertise in honey and walnuts have been blended to create the perfect swicy superfood snack. Diamond of California, a century-old producer of specialty nuts, launched Hot Honey Snack Walnuts, which are lightly glazed with hot honey infused with chili peppers. The fun and thoughtful approach to the new flavor combination was the result of a conscious effort to use real ingredients in an innovative and delicious snack. We spoke to Jen Fabro, associate product development manager of Diamond of California, about the story behind the swicy release.

National Honey Board (NHB): What's your favorite aspect about formulating/working with honey, not only in this product but in other Diamond of California products?
My favorite aspect about formulating with honey is that it adds a unique, natural sweetness that complements our high-quality tree nuts. I also like the complexity honey adds to the flavor profile both as a standalone sweetener and when added to other sweeteners.

NHB: Tell us about the decision to use honey powder in the product and what led to that decision.
We initially planned to use all liquid honey to formulate this Hot Honey Snack Walnuts flavor but during development found it was too sticky and resulted in a tacky eating texture. We ultimately decided to use a mixture of both hot honey liquid and honey powder as it allows for the honey flavor notes to come through but eliminates the tackiness in the final texture.

NHB: How does honey fit in functionally in Hot Honey Snack Walnuts?
As far as honey’s functionality, the hot honey liquid provides the heat and rich honey flavor notes while the incorporation of honey powder helps us to achieve a delicate crunchy texture in the final product.

NHB: Sweet heat is a hot trend! How do Hot Honey Walnuts stand out on store shelves in this highly competitive space?
Swicy has definitely become a hot trend! Hot Honey Snack Walnuts stand out on shelves not only because of the bright orange packaging but because it’s a satisfying better-for-you snack that sets the standard with the quality of honey and walnuts. We also offer our Hot Honey Walnuts in an off-shelf floor display to be disruptive in store and to capture impulse purchases.

Looking to try this snack out for yourself? Hot Honey Snack Walnuts are now available online via shop.diamondnuts.com and at major retailers like Albertsons, ShopRite, SaveMart/Lucky/FoodMaxx, Bashas’ and Raley’s. They are also coming soon to Amazon.