Help Support the Honey Bees this September and Celebrate National Honey Month

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Have you heard the buzz? September is National Honey Month and year four of our Honey Saves Hives program!

In celebration of National Honey Month, we’re partnering with Top Chef and TV personality Carla Hall and registered dietician, nutritionist, and lifestyle creator Samar Kullab. Throughout the course of these partnerships, Carla and Samar will share tips and easy-to-make recipes featuring honey in new and unique ways. For instance, honey is a humectant, which means that it retains moisture. This makes honey an excellent, all-natural sweetener for baking as honey will keep your baked goods, such as cakes or biscuits (like Carla’s iconic biscuits), fresh and moist for longer.

When it comes to entertaining, honey can also add a delicious light sweetness to your guests’ favorite beverages, whether that’s a cocktail, mocktail or iced tea. Because supporting honey bees is a year-round affair, they’re also helping us spread the word about how we can all help save hives this September and beyond!

Carla recently hosted a media event in celebration of honey and honey bees in New York City. Here she shared more about the importance of supporting honey bees while walking guests through a couple cooking demonstrations and honey flight tastings.

This year’s partners and products include:

The best part about Honey Saves Hives? You can participate! See below for some tips on how to support the honey bees. Visit to learn more.

  • Tip 1: Buy honey and made-with-honey products, including those listed above! When you purchase honey and honey-incorporated products, you’re directly supporting honey bees, their hives and the beekeepers that care for them.
  • Tip 2: Build your own Bee Bath! Just as good sources of food are vital to our pollinator friends, they also need clean sources of water as they work throughout the day. For a bath that attracts all pollinators, add some stones or marbles that bees can rest on as they collect water. Another fun idea is to float some old corks on top of the bath. Be sure to change the water out regularly to ensure that there is clean water available and to prevent mosquitoes from maturing.
  • Tip 3: Build a pollinator garden in your backyard! Growing plants like wildflowers, clover and alfalfa provide opportunities for honey bees to collect nectar.