Honey Products Reimagined at Natural Products Expo West

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The theme of the 2023 Natural Products Expo West was “growth reimagined,” and innovation on the show floor was just as thrilling as the announcement of almost 900 new vendors. New made-with-honey product launches were aplenty in every category imaginable, from functional beverages to jerkies and refrigerated bars.

After approximately 40,000 steps and countless taste tests, we have narrowed down some of our favorite products from Natural Products Expo West. These buzz-worthy CPGs not only showcase honey as a sweetener, but do so in new, exciting ways that truly prove there are no boundaries when it comes to honey’s growth and versatility.

Non-alcoholic Wine and Hops Beverages, Hive2o

There has never been more of a buzz surrounding Dry January than in 2023 because product developers are making it easier than ever to indulge in a 0.0% ABV drink. Hive 2o’s non-alcoholic mimicker gives the feel and appearance of drinking the real thing, but instead it has no alcohol and is sweetened with honey. Hive2o’s new beverage also is gluten-free, non-GMO and is packaged in a honey-friendly design.

Photo Credit: Hive2o
Photo Credit: UFisheries

Wildflower Honey Salmon Jerky, UFisheries

One of the most unique honey-sweetened finds came from UFisheries’ 100% Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon Jerky with wildflower honey. In addition to being a brand-new flavor combination of salmon and honey culminating in jerky, it’s an excellent source of protein and omega-3s.

Moroccan Honey Nut, Marco Ice Cream

This taste test reminded us of blended spices (ras el hanout spice blend) of the Middle East that made us fall in love with ice cream all over again after tasting so many samples on the show floor. Roasted almonds and a hint of orange flower are interwoven into the recipe, unifying this truly unique ice cream.

Photo Credit: Marco Ice Cream
Photo Credit: Iya Foods

Honey Kombucha Chipers, Iya Foods

When talking about kombucha, one immediately thinks of a beverage. But, this Illinois-based company has taken a blend of green tea, orange juice and ginger and combined it with honey powder, apple cider vinegar and fermented cassava flour. It’s a cracker, a chip and a gluten-free snack complete with the iconic honey dipper on the front.

Almond Blueberry, Wella Bar

The frozen and refrigerated category also trended at the show, and we were excited to try Wella’s Chilled Organic Protein Bar. The Honey, Almond Butter and Blueberry combination was a new twist on classic flavors, completing a superfood powerhouse bar rich in monounsaturated fats, fiber (also a focus of a multitude of new products), calcium and vitamin E.

Photo Credit: Wella Bar
Photo Credit: Brianna's Marinades

Sriracha Honey Ginger, Brianna’s Marinades

There’s no denying that sweet heat, especially when it comes to the sauce/spread/condiment category, is a booming trend. This Texas-based company showcases honey with sriracha and zesty ginger powder, perfect for a kick of spice and a uniquely complex flavor.

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