Hot Honey Jerkies Making a “Swicy” Statement

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Honey jerkies have traditionally been fan favorites, combining the sweetness of honey with a savory meat like beef, chicken or turkey. Consumers are drawn to the natural sugars in honey that can provide a quick energy boost and the concentrated source of protein in the meat, making for a delicious, wholesome, filling snack.

Jerky lovers are also grabbing their favorite noshes that reflect upon one of the biggest crazes of 2023: “swicy” — a combination of sweet and spicy. Why is everything swicy? Today aimed to answer that question earlier this year with research by Dataessential. Sweet and spicy pairings on menus are up 30% in the last year, and hot honey is projected to outpace nearly all other flavors by 2027. Market research firm Mintel found that 70% of consumers who like spicy food would like to try hot honey-flavored foods.

Menu developers have answered that call with sweet heat meat creations, formulating everything from hot honey pepperoni pizza to spicy honey breakfast chicken sandwiches. Manufacturers in the CPG jerky space are following that lead, formulating a wide range of meat snacks that pair honey with insert-your-spicy-ingredient-here. Honey not only helps retain moisture in jerkies, enhancing the texture and palatability of the meat, but swicy flavor pairings are endless.

Here are a few of our favorites, and we can’t wait to see what innovative swicy jerkies hit supermarket shelves next.

Honey & Jalapeño Chicken Snack Stick, Mighty Spark
The perfect mix of sweet with a touch of heat, Honey & Jalapeño Chicken Snack Sticks are handcrafted from simple ingredients, using only premium cuts of all-natural chicken raised with no antibiotics or added hormones.

Photo Credit: Mighty Spark
Photo Credit: Think Jerky

Sriracha Honey Turkey Jerky, Think Jerky
The packaging says it all! Two-time James Beard Award Winner Chef Gale Gand has combined honey, sriracha and spices for a great balance of sweet and heat.

Honey Habañero, Glenwood Beef Jerky
A crossroads of sweet and heat, this jerky delicately toes the line of flavorful, sweet beef jerky with a slight kick.

Photo Credit: Glenwood Beef Jerky
Photo Credit: Krave

Sweet Chipotle Beef Cuts, Krave
Smoky southwestern-style chipotle lends a moderate heat to slices of premium beef, tamed with a hint of honey for a truly tasty but tender bite. Chipotle Beef Cuts are 100% grass-fed, gluten-free and have no artificial ingredients.

Wagyu Beef Jerky — Jalapeño Honey, R-C Ranch
With just enough honey to soothe the spiciness of jalapeños, this wagyu beef jerky has a built-up heat that’s right on the tongue. This product is slow smoked and seasoned to perfection.

Photo Credit: R-C Ranch

Feeling swicy? If you’re formulating a hot, sweet jerky treat email [email protected].