Killer ‘B’ Trends Reflect Global Influence

Honey Flavors Tall

Combine one of the world’s largest pollinated byproducts with two of the best smelling items on earth, and you have two powerhouse flavor trends in 2022: botanicals and barbecue. Flavor combination possibilities with Mother Nature’s sweetener are almost endless — especially when you add global influence of barbecue and the world’s flower varieties to the mix.

Botanical’s Buzz
Eating flowers, you ask? Market researchers, consumers and food and beverage experts say to stop, smell, and even eat or drink the flowers of your choice. The search is on for the next hot flavor, some of which were outlined in Symrise North America’s “Top Flavor Trends for 2022 and Beyond” webinar. Botanical seltzers and “kombucha upgraded” were high on the botanicals list, with lavender and hibiscus, which is growing rapidly in today’s trends.

“Innovative beverage brands are adopting botanical and fruit combinations to entice customers who are looking for more refined flavor profiles,” according to the webinar. “Botanical flavors appeal to consumers who are interested in sophisticated flavors, flavors inspired by nature and cocktail inspired flavor combinations.”

Honey was named as an ideal pairing for product developers in this category, showcased in Jiant’s Hard Kombucha. The Hicamaya drink mixes honey with hibiscus, grapefruit juice, sage, and green tea for a gluten-free, playful and bright citrus botanical refresher.

Photo Credit: Jiant Kombucha

Honey on the Barbie
The next B on the 2022 trend list is the hot barbecue trend, no doubt influenced by unique global offerings. Bold and spicy mixed with sweetness — we recommend honey — unlocks consumers’ adventurous side, according to Symrise. There is a rising love for “everything barbecue,” from plant-based meats, snacks, jerky, veggies, and marinades.

Common themes, according to Symrise, include an increasingly blurred cuisine line and multicultural experimentation, “as ingredients from one culture are blended with cooking techniques and flavors of others.” An expansion of influences, from Afro-Caribbean to New Wave Korean to Mexican are becoming more familiar to U.S. consumers.

Photo Credit: TABASCO

One such barbecue sauce launched last year was derived from TABASCO’s Chipotle Sauce, the new Honey BBQ Sauce variety. TABASCO’s release is perfect for dipping or slathering on a rack of ribs. Sticky sweet thanks to honey and complete with a smoky finish, consumers can enjoy the impending spring with a delicious grill.

Not quite ready to brave the cold? Stay inside and munch on Chef’s Cut Korean Barbecue chicken jerky. The Chef of the company paired his marinade — a blend of honey and rich, smoky Korean flavors — with lean cuts of chicken breast for a sweet and savory combination. Add in a kick of sriracha and you have a tender barbecue-inspired treat.

Photo Credit: Chef's Cut Real Jerky Co.

Ready to step outside your comfort zone and pair honey with botanicals or barbecue? Travel to for more inspiration.