Made-with-Honey Dairy Products Surprise, Exceed Expectations

Homemade honey ice cream master recipe

Palate expansion is top of mind for dairy product lovers in 2023, and this year’s flavor projections in the category reflect a desire for something extra mixed with familiarity. Honey is a hero ingredient in new product releases that manufacturers are using to showcase classic comfort with a twist.

Traditional and classic flavors when blended with honey are winning with consumers. Pairings like lavender, blueberry, strawberry, orange and caramel are being used with newly-inspired items aimed to wow consumers. Here are a few examples.

Lemon Lavender, Ruby Jewel

The crown jewel of the ice cream sandwich makers’ lineup, Lemon Lavender infuses honey with lavender oil and natural flavors for the first ice cream sandwich pairing for the Portland-based company.

Photo Credit: Ruby Jewel
Photo Credit: Enlightened

Vanilla Honey Sundae Cone, Enlightened

Frozen Greek yogurt is used in Vanilla Honey sundae cones, featuring a dark chocolate swirl, oatmeal cookie crumble and a honey-flavored core. With less sugar than a traditional cone, consumers can enjoy indulgence with a little less guilt.

Honey Blueberry Lavender, Alec’s Ice Cream

It’s an easy, breezy, velvety, vibrant flavor combination: honey, blueberry and lavender. Alec’s is the first regenerative-farming verified, A2 dairy ice cream, resulting in a better tasting and innovative gut-friendly treat.

Photo Credit: Alec's Ice Cream
Photo Credit: Nettle Meadow

Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc, Nettle Meadow

Offering hand-packed unsalted goat milk, the Warrensburg, NY-based farm released Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc, which won sofi silver. The product is available in five-ounce cups or in bulk packaging.

Orange Blossom Honey Goat Cheese Log, Laura Chenel

A unique, sophisticated flavor combination results in fresh goat cheese with a delicious twist. Orange Blossom Honey Goat Cheese Logs are a perfect balance of sweet and zesty, and they’re made with fresh, pasteurized milk with vegetarian-approved rennet.

Photo Credit: Laura Chenel

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