Salty Snacks Provide All-Day, Better-For-You Indulgence

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Do you find extreme satisfaction in ripping open a snack’s plastic wrap and sinking your teeth into that first crunchy, salty bite? If so, you’re with the majority of Americans who say that cravings are the leading reason they snack. A recent poll of 1,200 adult consumers found that more than half of consumers are eating snacks at least once per day, and they are seeking products that are all-natural. Adults — especially parents — polled said they were most likely to seek products that are formulated with sweeteners perceived as natural. Pairing salty flavors with an all-natural sweetener such as honey is a delicious idea that comes to life thanks to food manufacturers who love to create guiltless snacks that satisfy cravings.

When we think salty snacks, our minds may go straight to the potato chip aisle. However, manufacturers are focusing on a variety of better-for-you options, including honey roasted snacks, protein bites, and food bars that combine salty with sweet ingredients. Additionally, honey is a perfect binder for loose ingredients like nuts and seeds, and it is a pure source of energy, which is great for those who are replacing the traditional three meals per day route for an all-day snack attack.

Let’s take a look at top salty snack consumer preferences and how made with honey products match up. 

All-natural benefits. Mondelez International’s State of Snacking Report found that people are looking for snacks that “are more focused on functionality to meet nutritional needs (47%) and provide more personalized nutrition (42%).” Lebby’s new Dry Roasted Chickpeas Sesame Honey variety combines the nutty flavor of sesame and the sweet notes of honey, topped off with the satisfying snacking crunch. These dry-roasted chickpeas are made with no oil or additives and are certified gluten-free.

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Convenience. This consumer-driven aspect ranked No. 1 as a snack food factor in the State of Snacking Report. Pescavore’s Sockeye Salmon Jerky Strip is a wild-caught and whole cut Honey Roasted salmon snack combined with sea salt that can be eaten straight out of the package. It comes with 12 grams of protein and is gluten-free.

Eating for one. Mondelez’s report showed that Americans love carving snack time out of their days for a busy schedule break or just a moment to themselves. In fact, 30% of respondents “said they would be willing to forgo social media and 20% would give up their cell phones in order to have a moment with their favorite snack every day. One match made in solitude heaven is Poptime’s new BBQ & Honey Popped Chip Snack. Made with no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors, these made with honey BBQ chips are dairy-, gluten- and cholesterol-free.

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All-day, all the time. Not only are snacks eaten in between meals, but The NPD Group reports that snack foods eaten at main meals represent 24% of all snack food eatings, up from 21% five years ago. Annual eatings per capita of snack food at main meals is predicted to grow at least 12% by 2024. And, Innova Market Insights found that the percentage of consumers who are consuming salty snacks during each of the main three — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — are coming in at 8%, 23%, and 17%, respectively, all showing an increase. Launches of snack nuts and seeds are up, and the Nutty Gourmet is contributing to that number with its new Honey Flavored Walnuts. These made with honey walnuts come in convenient individual snack packs for prime all-day snacking. They contain plant-based omega 3-s, antioxidants, fiber, and protein.

Which of these snacks have you tried? Have any other favorite made-with-honey snacks? Tell us about them in the comments!