Say Cheese! Honey Transforms CPG Products into Flavor Sensations

Honey Cheese

2024’s cheeses will continue to be delicious, flavorful and versatile. According to the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, consumers will prioritize attention to flavor and the five senses to elevate cheese and compete in the ever-expanding category. What could be a better all-natural flavor to satisfy this demand than honey?

With 3,000 varietals of honey, there are endless possibilities to create cheeses with complex sweetness and balanced flavor profiles. Honey offers a unique sweetness that can complement savory and salty flavors of cheese, creating a delicious contrast.

Flourishing Floral

The exploration of flavors in cheese this year, the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin note, will draw from global interest in botanical flavors such as floral, herbal and spice. Adventurous product developers are using cheese-friendly honeys like wildflower, clover or orange blossom paired with floral, fruity or herbal undertones. The complexity in these products display the perfect nuanced flavors in honey cheeses.

Honey Lavender, Nettle Meadow Artisan Cheese

A delightful unsalted fresh goat’s milk cheese with honey, infusion of lavender flower and vegetarian enzymes. The Silver Sofi award winner is creamy, flavorful and delightful sweet.

Photo Credit: Nettle Meadow Artisan Cheese
Photo Credit: Cypress Grove

Meyer Lemon and Honey, Cypress Grove

Fresh goat cheese sweetened with alfalfa honey and Meyer lemon creates a tangy, balanced sweetness. The award-winning cheese is perfect used as a dessert tart shell or paired with beer or wine.

Sizzling Sweetness

Look to the booming sweet heat trend to make its way to cheese. Dairy Foods reports that spices are “where it’s at when it comes to exploring new cheese pairings.” Honey blended with bold, spicy flavors in these products not only transport consumers to new exotic sensory heights, but the pairing allows them to experiment with a comfortable, enjoyable flavor.

Chipotle Honey Goat Cheese, LaClare Creamery

Honey and chipotle peppers create a creamy, spicy and tangy blend of sweet and smoky. Enjoy a spicy burst while sipping on pilsners or riesling.

Photo Credit: LaClare Creamery
Photo Credit: Roth Cheese

Hot Honey Gouda, Roth Cheese

Part sweet, part spicy and totally delicious. Honey is mixed with crushed red pepper enzymes that can be paired with lagers, mojitos and roasted vegetables — or use as the main ingredient in a cheese pizza for a kick.

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