Show Your Slow Cooker Some Love with these Six Honey-inspired Recipes

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This time of year we are driven inside during the chillier fall days, but this season also allows us more quality time with our loved ones. As the weather gets cooler we get to look forward to nights in with the family and nice home-cooked meals, but after a long day at the office or school, who wants to come home and cook? This, friends, is slow cooker season! 

From soups and stews to oatmeal breakfasts, the classic slow cooker has made the transition from summer grilling to in-home cooking smoother, allowing for flavorful dishes with little to no effort. These kinds of meals bring the family together and stir up in us that feeling of ‘home,’ and honey works to bring that feeling to every dish through its versatile roles in sweet and savory recipes. In addition to adding the perfect amount of sweetness, honey also delivers unique flavor and helps lock in natural juices to ensure tender cooked meats.

This week we are dusting off our favorite kitchen accessory (the slow cooker), pulling out our trusty culinary sidekick (honey), and rounding up six of our favorite honey-inspired slow cooker recipes. From a weekend brunch for a crowd to easy set-and-go dinners, these delicious recipes will simplify your fall and winter menus, allowing you more time for what you really love about this time of year – being together.

We want to hear from you! What are your favorite slow cooker recipes? Tell us all about them in the comments below!