Smart Cookies Sweetened with Honey

Honey Variety 1

Cookies are making a comeback post-pandemic, thanks to consumer trends and product developers who are seeking ways to reinvent this classic baked good.

We saw a dip in the cookie market after, prior to and at the onset of COVID-19. According to Baking Business, consumers weren’t indulging in this snack because it was seen as more of a treat or dessert. But, consumers are slowly making their way back to the crunchy, gooey, soft baked goodness, due in part to trends like dessert charcuterie boards, personalized cookie gift boxes/kits, and comfort food. Further, products that promote healthful indulgence and cleaner labels are winning with consumers.

These days, traditional cookies are all the rage, but there’s also a fusion happening of a familiar product mixed with new twists. Product releases that promote a thinner, more wafer-like cookie are gaining traction. They provide fewer calories, a smaller portion size, and give a perception of less being more; basically, consumers are satisfying a craving, but with a certain type of cookie, they’re feeling less after-snack guilt.

Thanks to honey’s all-natural sweetness, manufacturers who opt for Mother Nature’s sweetener crumble a little less and drive the market even more.

Paleo Cookies, Jack’s Paleo Kitchen

Jack’s Paleo Cookies are not only sweetened with honey, but they come in a trendy subscription service, perfect for gifting. Lemon Zing, Snickerdoodle, Cinnamon Raisin, Double Chocolate and more are soft, delicious, all-natural and made with grass-fed collagen.

Photo Credit: Jack's Paleo Kitchen
Photo Credit: Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

S’mores Cookies, Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

The campfire treat is trending, providing a mix of childhood nostalgia with something new. In this case, the s’mores are sweetened with honey, a delicious, all-natural twist. These graham- flavored cookies are studded with chocolate and topped with lightly-toasted marshmallows. S’mores Cookies can be purchased separately or as a part of Little Red Kitchen’s Cookie of the Month Club — a perfect way to taste test honey’s difference.

Kookies, Mary’s Gone Kookies

The well-known cracker company has gone to the Kookies side, releasing graham-style snacking cookies sweetened with honey. In addition to the Honey variety, Chocolate and Cinnamon Kookies also include clover honey and are gluten-free and plant-based.

Photo Credit: Mary's Gone Kookies

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