Spooktacular Made-with-Honey Treats Resurrect Halloween

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It’s no secret that Halloween 2020 got ghosted. Candy sales were down, and trick-or-treaters were left with fewer jokes to tell. But, have no fear — experts predict that Halloween 2021 is rising from the undead, and grab-and-go, individually packaged treats have never been more imperative.

The National Confectioners Association (NCA) reports that 82% of American ghouls and goblins say they will celebrate Halloween this year, with 80% planning to trick-or-treat, and 82% saying they will find safe and creative ways to celebrate. With Halloween being one the key seasons the confectionery industry depends on — accounting for approximately $4.6 billion in sales yearly during the eight weeks leading up to All Hallows Eve — 2021 is primed to make a big comeback.

Research commissioned by Hershey found that a whopping 86% of Americans aged 35 to 44 are more excited than ever before for Halloween 2021, and more than half (59%) of parents with kids under 18 already started thinking about Halloween by early September. What treats do they have in mind? Chocolates reign supreme, of course, followed by fruit and peanut butter combinations. Of course, snack-sized treats are the safe way to go, and these honey-infused options not only satisfy an all-natural sweetener to enjoy, but also provide tasty flavor combinations sure to cast a spell on Americans.

Kelly Jean Snacks brings the highly popular combination of honey, peanut butter and chocolate chips to life with these Snack Bites. Each individual pack contains two bites, perfect for trick-or-treat giveaways. There’s nine grams of protein per serving, and each bite includes honey, whey protein crisps, cinnamon, vanilla and Himalayan pink salt.

Photo Credit: Kelly Jean Snacks
Photo Credit: Honey Acres

Individually wrapped Dark Chocolate and Honey Patties from Honey Acres make a perfect burst of flavor designed for a fun bucket drop. Raspberry, Cocoa, Mint and Orange are a great variety to satisfy any kid, and parents can be happy with a gluten-, dairy-, nut-, soy- and salt-free treat.

Chuao Chocolatier has designed Honeycomb Mini Bars with honey that has been caramelized into crisp bits and enrobed in dark chocolate. This chocolatier has cast a spell with its delicious burst of flavors, but added bonuses include fair trade certification, kosher, and gluten- and dairy-free aspects.

Photo Credit: Chuao Chocolatier
Photo Credit: Garrett Popcorn Shops

Want a twist on a classic favorite without making your head spin? Garrett Popcorn Shops has crafted resealable popcorn bags filled with a gourmet s’mores recipe. Sit by the campfire and enjoy honey mixed with unsalted butter, cocoa and real graham crackers in a chocolatey coating drizzle.

No tricks here. Only treats. If you’re a candy maker eyeing further wickedly delicious confections for the holiday season and beyond, visit honey.com for ways honey can sweeten the formula.