The Color of Honey: Joy, Sweetness and Warmth

Kitchen Aid Honey Stand Mixer Blender
Photo Credit: KitchenAid

The color, flavor, and even aroma of honey differs, depending on the nectar of flowers visited by the bees that made it. The shades range from nearly colorless to dark brown, while flavors go from subtle to bold; even the aroma of honey may be reminiscent of the flower.

Apparently, the richness and appeal of honey has caught fire in 2021! Most notably, KitchenAid named honey its color of the year. Get ready, those irresistible stand mixers and speed blenders now come in a golden shade meant to warm up any kitchen.

Here’s how Architectural Digest describes it:

As its name suggests, Honey is all about joy and sweetness. While 2021 colors of the year from paint brands tended to emphasize our desires for wellness, calm, and healing at a time when our homes play a more prominent role in our lives, KitchenAid thinks Honey emphasizes the sense of harmony and community that results from people coming together—ideally over a fresh batch of cookies.

Further, Jon Bellante, the KitchenAid global marketing director, adds: “For KitchenAid, it has become increasingly evident that the warmth of humanity is paramount. Honey isn't just a product we use in recipes around the globe; it’s an invitation to connect and a reminder of the joy that comes from collaboration.”

Well said! And when we look around the kitchen this year, we also see that Le Creuset, the French cookware company known for colorful Dutch ovens and cast-iron pans, has released two new colors to add to its collection: nectar and artichaut (artichoke). Nectar, as you might have guessed, is another name for our favorite color: honey. Both colors are available in enameled cast iron and stoneware products, plus, there's a host of accessories as well, like a honey pot (in nectar, of course), tea mugs, ramekins, salt and pepper grinders and kettles.

What’s especially interesting about these two colors is their natural connection to honey bees: artichokes are a flowering, perennial vegetable that provide forage for pollinators like honey bees.

What if your home needs more honey color beyond the kitchen? You’re in luck. A quick survey of major paint brands shows literally dozens of honey colors to coat your walls. Our favorites?

Honey Bees (SW 9018) Sherwin Williams

Sweet As Honey (P-290-2) Behr Paint

Spun Honey (2008-2B) Valspar

From light to dark, warm to cool, the shades of honey reflect the joy and sweetness of Mother Nature’s palette. Enjoy!