Thirst Quenching Made-with-Honey Beverages Usher in Warmer Months

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Last month’s Natural Products Expo West reflected the biggest trends and future-forward thinking in product development. The National Honey Board was thrilled to see — and taste test — the innovative snacking, baking and confectionery made-with-honey products on the show floor. But, what would a great new food product be without something to wash it down with?

The made-with-honey beverage market’s expansion has reflected three main consumer demands:

     1. bold flavor combinations that blend nostalgic tastes with something new

     2. guilt-free indulgence

     3. ingredients that promote health and wellness

Flavorman reports in its 4 Beverage Trends to Watch in 2022 report that consumers are focused on celebrating life’s simple pleasures, yet they’re striving for balance. These made-with-honey beverages hitting the drink aisle are more diverse than ever, thanks to brilliant product developers who can meet needs in a bottle (or can).

Honey Nut Vanilla Cold Press Coffee, Big Watt Beverage Co.

A return to simple, clean ingredients that promote wellness is reflected in Big Watt’s Honey Nut Vanilla. Amber and clover honey are combined with toasted almonds, vanilla bean and bourbon vanilla extract for a non-dairy coffee drink. There’s only 35 calories per 12-ounce can.

Photo Credit: Big Watt Co.
Photo Credit: Mixly

Rosemary Lemon Honey, Mixly

Nothing says guilt-free indulgence like a cocktail mixer that uses honey and fresh squeezed juices for an all-natural product. All the consumer has to do is pour, mix and drink — and for a non-alcoholic experience, mix with soda water.

Energy Tonic Water, Buzzed

Everything about the energy in this drink is all-natural, starting with the honey. Further, the packaging at Buzzed is not only honey-friendly with iconic bee and honeycomb imagery, but it’s 100% recyclable. Talk about an energetic impact!

Photo Credit: Buzzed
Photo Credit: Shrubbly

Aronia Berry & Pomegranate, Shrubbly

Consumers want bold, and Shrubbly not only answered the call with “bold” verbiage on the can, but a burst of honey-sweetened apple cider vinegar and “a shot of old-time fruit” is a perfect juxtaposition of nostalgia mixed with a new twist of flavor.

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