Tips and Recipes Sure to Leave You #InspiredByHoney

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Honey is a wonderful addition to any meal due to its versatility and pure and natural flavor, and thanks to three-time James Beard House guest Chef Rob Corliss, we have learned the tricks of the trade. Chef Corliss uses honey regularly, so we challenged him to develop new ways to utilize honey in trendy applications. As a result, he found himself feeling incredibly #InspiredByHoney and wanted to do the same for you. 

Cooking with honey can have different effects, so it’s good to add it at certain times or use it in special ways depending on the type of cooking you’re doing. In his home kitchen, Chef Corliss developed tips that are beneficial to cooks at any honey-experience level.

Quick tips for cooking & baking with honey:

Cooking With Honey Tip and Tricks

Courtesy of Rob Corliss, for the National Honey Board

Creative ideas for how to incorporate honey into sauces, spreads and butters.

The versatility of unique honey sauces, spreads, butters and mix-ins make it easy to feel inspired and keep meals tantalizing without much effort. Incorporating honey with everyday ingredients already in the pantry or fridge is a creative way to add a tasty twist to a traditional dish.

Honey Additions and Inspirations

Courtesy of Rob Corliss, for the National Honey Board

Tip for the host - how to create unforgettable cheese platters.

Understanding how to pair cheeses isn't always easy. Luckily, Chef Corliss has provided a go-to cheat sheet for how to pair different honey varietals with a variety of cheese to enhance the texture and taste of each ingredient.

Create A Honey Cheese Platter

Create A Honey Cheese Platter 2

Courtesy of Rob Corliss, for the National Honey Board


Drawing inspiration from around the world, Chef Corliss created ten honey-inspired recipes. These delectable creations not only tap into emerging trends, but also have been developed for home cooks of all skill levels.

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