Walt Disney World Guests Buzzing For Honey At 2021 Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival

Epcot Honey Bee stro Hives

The National Honey Board (NHB) is excited to announce that the Honey Bee-stro has returned to the Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival for the 2021 season! The Bee-stro is a favorite of Walt Disney World® guests and shares the sweet story of honey bees, the plants they pollinate, and the delicious honey they make. The Honey Bee-stro now accommodates physical distancing and has safety measures in place to allow guests a delicious, informative and safe experience.

In addition to sampling tasty meals and drinks, guests also learn how to support bees and the process through which honey travels from hive to home. The NHB’s partnership with Disney is the perfect pairing of storytelling and education to bring the magical stories of one of Mother Nature’s most dedicated workers (the honey bee) to life!

The highly-anticipated return of the Honey Bee-stro brings back guest favorite Spike the Bee, along with exclusive menu items, featuring a slate of new honey recipes, honey beer, and honey cocktails.

Guests are already calling our local wildflower honey-mascarpone cheesecake (pictured below) one of the best dishes at the festival! This year the much-loved treat was updated to showcase honey in a variety of forms: whipped honey, crystalized honey, honeycomb, and dehydrated honey.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney World

The Honey Bee-stro garden educates guests on the role honey bees play in our ecosystem, and how eating honey helps bees thrive by supporting their cultivation and funding research. Visitors can also learn how they can help honey bees at home:

  • Planting bee-friendly flowers, such as lavender, sunflowers and poppies.
  • Give bees a place to get a drink with a simple bee bath by placing marbles and rocks into a shallow dish with fresh water.
  • And pulling weeds by hand—gardening without chemicals protects our pollinator friends.

The Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival runs from March 3rd through July 5th. If you’re in the Orlando area, we’d love for you to buzz on into the Honey Bee-stro and share your experience with us on social media: @NationalHoneyBoard on Facebook and Instagram and @NationalHoney on Twitter! If you’d like to try out a few honey recipes at home, check out our favorites here.