With a Drizzle of Honey, Renowned Chef Jenny Dorsey Transforms Breakfast Into An All-Day Affair

Honey Pancakes cropped

From the on-the-go “deskfast” meal at the office to elaborate Sunday brunches, renowned Chef Jenny Dorsey is the master of skillfully incorporating honey into breakfast and brunch dishes that can be enjoyed any time of day (or night!). Dorsey has partnered with the National Honey Board to create four mouthwatering recipes, including fun takes on traditional breakfast favorites, that will please any palate. Dorsey enjoys using a wide array of varietals—from bold buckwheat to delightful blueberry—to bring out the flavor in each of her dishes. 

In addition to her recipes, Dorsey has great tips and tricks for individuals looking to up their breakfast game. Whether you’d like to add some spice to your eggs or create a little texture in your oatmeal, Dorsey has tips to ensure your next breakfast is top notch. 

Adding Texture: Honey is a great natural emulsifier! Use it to add a little texture to dressings and sauces, like a vibrant dill vinaigrette for salads or a peach drizzle on pancakes. Additionally, naturally crystallized honey adds a satisfying mouthfeel and breaks up the softness of a bowl of oats. To kick your dishes up a notch, you can also try this with mashed sweet potatoes, grits and polenta.

Creating the Ultimate Breakfast Fruit Plate: Comb honey is a showstopper for a breakfast fruit plate! It’s perfect for nibbling on alongside melons, berries and stone fruit.
Perfecting the Classic Scrambled Egg: Honey is the secret ingredient in absolutely delicious scrambled eggs. Add 1/2 tsp. for every 2 eggs and whisk together with some cream and salt before scrambling softly over low heat.

Spicing Up Your Standard Breakfast: Kick your next meal up a notch by using a homemade infusion such as a garlic-infused honey. To create a garlic-infused honey, bring four peeled cloves of garlic, honey and red pepper flakes to a very gentle simmer in a small pot. Then lower heat to the lowest level possible for 1 hour, allowing the mixture to infuse. Once infused, strain and let cool to room temperature. You can get creative with your infusions by adding any aromatics and spices of your choice, such as fresh chiles or cumin seeds. The best part is that your honey infusions can be made in bulk and used on a variety of dishes during the week. Think spicy honey on breakfast pizza or a garlicky honey drizzle on avocado toast — the possibilities are endless!