Recipe Redux Contest

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Looking for a sweet recipe that even a registered dietitian would approve of? You are in luck with the newest additions to our recipe database. During the month of June, the National Honey Board challenged Recipe ReDuxers – a network of registered dietitians (RD) – to take the Sweet Substitutions Challenge. RDs were asked to create new honey recipes which featured honey as a substitution for a granulated sweetener, and more than 43 new recipes showcasing honey's versatility in the kitchen were submitted!

As part of the challenge, participants needed to create recipes which also fell into a theme of entertaining or holiday recipes. From quick party bites to savory main courses and desserts, the NHB's ultimate goal was to partner with food influencers to highlight honey as a natural sweetener with many culinary benefits.

The NHB also provided incentives for Recipe ReDuxers, offering the grand prize winner a $500 American Express Gift Card, plus a feature in an upcoming holiday mat release, which will be published in regional and local newspapers across the country. The First Runner-up received a $150 gift card and the 2nd runner up received a $75 gift card.

The NHB is happy to congratulate the following winners:

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